This custom piece was installed at Vanguard Medical Group to allow for a clear view into children’s play room adjacent to the main waiting room.  On top of the aquarium are ornamental house plants that act as a natural bio-filter to clean the fish tank and remove airborne pollutants. The mesmerizing movement of the koi goldfish help to reduce stress while patients wait to see the doctor.  We fit this tall yet deceptively small unit directly into an existing wall, with a width of only 8 inches.
 This custom project was designed for a seating space called the ‘think tank’ as a portion of an engineering firm’s new open office interior redesign.  The stepwise hydroponic platers contain ornamental plant selections to provide cascading bio-filtration for the freshwater aquarium below, while the entire piece and supporting half-wall help to partially separate the ‘think tank’ conversation space from the adjacent busy hallway. 
 This custom miniature vertical farm rotates incrementally in the window of the Spats Cafe, providing an element of motion with an exposed-gear, steampunk design.  The vertical farm grows micro herbs in removable planters that can be taken to the adjacent bar, providing fresh-cut ingredients for specialty cocktails. The wooden frame around the plexiglass-enclosed vertical farm blends with the existing aesthetic of the restaurant’s speakeasy decor. 
  Honeybees are vital to our global food system as pollinators, but unfortunately honeybees today face a huge threat, disappearing in record numbers due to a phenomenon called Colony Collapse Disorder.   Our newest living design, called  BEEcosystem    is an indoor beehive that literally brings your living room to life—or an outdoor beehive to bring your garden abuzz with activity.
 Using the aerobic nitrogen cycle, Living Furniture integrates a self-cleaning aquarium with a self-maintaining indoor garden, creating a sustaining standalone furniture piece.  Ideal for individuals or businesses that want to express and appreciate the cultivation of nature.  Standard products and custom designs are available. 
 The GreenTower is designed to help you grow the smart way: plants stack vertically to maximize growth in your precious space,  doubling  or  tripling  your yields-per-square foot (credit: The Pennsylvania State University, College of Agricultural Sciences). By rotating incrementally throughout the day, the GreenTower ensures that all plants receive even lighting exposure. 
 Our team’s very first custom design project in conjunction with support provided by the Pennsylvania State University, a standard freight shipping container was upcycled into a miniature and transportable aquaponic greenhouse.  A 300-gallon aquaculture tank provides fertigation for 500 gallons of deep water culture hydroponics, supporting the growth of leafy greens.