We reconnect clients with natural and horticultural systems through interdisciplinary design-build projects. By bringing natural elements into human built environments, we work to create happier, healthier, and more productive spaces.  

As of September 2016, GreenTowers LLC is no longer incorporated as a Pennsylvania company. However, Dustin and Mike are open and excited to speak about new project ideas! So please don't hesitate to reach out to us here on GreenTowersUSA.com—whatever comes next for us, we will be sure to share it here as well. Much Love, 

-Dustin & Mike

Our Story

GreenTowers was founded in 2012 with the goal of using design to reconnect people with nature and with their food, helping everyone to see and appreciate the interconnectedness between our planet’s ecosystems and our human food systems. Our world’s food systems face many challenges—food waste, overuse of pesticides and herbicides, monoculture, nutrient waste eutrophication, soil health, groundwater depletion, and increasingly unpredictable climate patterns. GreenTowers aims to work in bringing awareness to these critical issues by inspiring individuals to think about their relationships with food and uproot the status quo.


Dustin Betz- Cofounder and President

Growing up gardening with his mother in their community, Dustin decided to turn a lifelong green thumb hobby into his dream job. With extensive university laboratory research experience in apiculture, aquaponics, plant cell wall dynamics, and sustainable agriculture, Dustin is passionate about implementing designed edible ecologies into agricultural production systems and management practices.  

Bachelor of Science in Biology, minors with interdisciplinary honors in Horticulture and Engineering Entrepreneurship, Pennsylvania State University. 

Mike Zaengle_GT.jpg

Mike Zaengle- Cofounder and Vice President

As a LEED accredited green associate and former council member of his university’s Student Sustainability Advisory Council, Mike has always been passionate about utilizing powerful design to change the ways in which people perceive and interact with the world.  Mike is an avid outdoorsman who loves any kind of adrenaline rush, including rock climbing, sky diving, surfing, hiking, and kayaking.  

Bachelor of Architecture, Pennsylvania State University.