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We work with nature to create designs that inspire, uplift, and rejuvenate.


Using the aerobic nitrogen cycle, Living Furniture integrates a self-cleaning fish tank with a self-maintaining indoor ornamental or edible gardencreating a single, standalone furniture piece. Ideal for individuals or businesses who want to genuinely express and appreciate the cultivation of nature.

Interior Design

Living Interiors create healthier, happier, and more productive indoor environments.  With designs in senior living facilities, small-to-mid size businesses, and educational facilities, we work closely with our clients and partners to create the perfect interior aquatic garden designed for any space.

Food Production

With over ten years of experience in beekeeping, aquaponic and hydroponic gardening, and vertical farming, our team can fulfill your growing needs.  Contact us to schedule a consulting appointment, or to learn more about our innovative agricultural systems and client-centric design process.